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Over 35 years legal experience...

Thornhill Law Firm APLC


TEDC relies upon Thornhill Law Firm’s practice including consulting. With the unique petroleum engineering education and experience of Mr. Thornhill, our practice in the energy industry and associated businesses is to explore, develop, produce, store, market, transport and process energy resources. Also, capital-intensive energy transactions and business combinations raised for capital for those projects. Thornhill Law Firm has the exceptional engineering excellence to serve the global energy industry with a profitable track record of depth and breadth that few other firms can match. Thornhill Law Firm monitors trends and has current knowledge and experience to be different from other firms. Prior projects have included: methanol and oil & gas refining; and, gasification and manufacturing incidental to refining.



Tom Thornhill has been retained to represent LIGTT Regional Center, LLC in The Louisiana International Gulf Transfer Terminal (LIGTT) project. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has granted approval for the creation of the Louisiana International Gulf Transfer Terminal (LIGTT) Regional Center. This approval will allow for the development of the largest transshipment facility in the United States and improve the current strained shipping infrastructure and streamline international trade flow as the Panama Canal expands. In addition, this approval allows the LIGTT Regional Center to operate as an EB-5 immigrant investor capital regional center. See a recent article with more details at:


Thornhill Law Firm has experience in all areas of the energy industry, including: Master Limited Partnerships, liquefied natural gas, counselor to domestic and international oil and gas lenders (local, national and multi-national), ports, shipping, transportation, commercial diving contractors, drilling contractors, shipyards, service companies, vessel owners, operators and charterers, process safety engineering, cargo claims, charter parties, collisions/allusions, drilling and construction, financing agreements, limitation of liability, oil pollution, personal injury, property damage claims and tanker operations.


Thornhill Law Firm has also been named as one of the top 100 Lawyers in Louisiana from 2011 - 2014 and in 2013 named Top Lawyer in Louisiana for its commitment to ethical standards and professional excellence.


These collective qualifications and experience give to Thornhill Energy & Development Consulting a unique scope of services that are offered to fit the needs of clients. We are always looking forward to expanding our client portfolio and look forward to meeting you and your business model.


Please feel free to contact us by calling, emailing, or mailing to the following:


985 605 5202



1308 Ninth Street

Slidell, LA 70458

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